Jindra Novák, the Executive Officer of the Company, talks about his practical experience and about the origin of the idea to set up Everopta s.r.o.

Jindra, what was the basis for the establishment of EVEROPTA?

Good morning. Well, I should start with some basic facts. In 1991, when a merger between ŠKODA and VW took place and I was working as a controller, it was the first time when I was a witness to the birth of a completely different view on the production systems I knew at that time. It was not about organization, but about a diametrically different view on the processes and the philosophy of activities. At first we even fell offended by things enforced by the VW inspection workers. You sure can imagine it.

For example, what?

For example, the embedding of wiring before assembly. Then a whole design etc. Step by step we began to realize what we were missing. Quality, responsibility. At that time, it was Favorit. Many owners were surprised - this is what I generally heard from my friends. The lights do not work, it will short-circuit etc. We were simply barking up the wrong tree. Well, in the course of time, matters of power, productivity, quality....... were in the spotlight.

It may have overtaken you?

Well, yes. The following development in ŠKODA changed rapidly. The processes, elementary responsibility and discipline started to improve. Then team work and staff incentive were launched. At that time, in Vrchlabí, we were like a pilot project. There was work enough and I liked the changes. In the course of time, I had some ideas, but it was difficult to push them through. So, already then, I concerned myself with an idea of being engaged in such matters with all risks.

Could you not start earlier?

In fact, I could not. My position did not allow it and, on the other hand, it is difficult. My living conditions were good, which does not force a man to make a change. It was the cessation of the car production in Vrchlabí and the following turbulences which made me act. Well, my dream has come true and EVEROPTA is here. I am also lucky in having great co-workers. For example, Doc. Ing. Vratislav Preclík CSc from Czech Technical University (CTU), my son is interested in this matter, so he engaged in a sphere where I am a layman, i.e. SW. We have good boys working as programmers. And I should also have a successor.

What is the main object of EVEROPTA?

Our main object is the SIMULATIX SW as a strong tool for the continuous productivity control. Naturally, we want to improve the tool constantly. Further, it also includes MTM MOST training, production system training. In addition, we have a SW for waste handling.

It may be great information for companies?

I believe so. However, the version we want to offer to our customers is undergoing difficult testing now. The newsletter will provide them with the so called first-hand information.

Users of another software usually feel concern about being able to use the software. What about you?

We regard it as a factor of extreme importance. If a software is difficult to use, i.e. “user unfriendly”, the users are only discouraged by using it. We try to design the control mainly intuitively to have everything, let's say, on hand and avoid complicated skipping into various sections and setting difficult parameters. Naturally, when buying a program, users will go through a training course.

You are talking about training. Do you also train non-users?

Yes, of course. On our website, in the Training section, you can find a summary of training courses which have been scheduled and which we provide. Those interested in the training courses can enrol for a training course by filling in an easy form. It is a summary of the offered training courses. However, we also offer individual training courses. Such courses can be held either on our premises or we can come to the customer's company where we will train the customer, and install the program, if needed, etc.

Based on my long-standing experience acquired in ŠKODA AUTO a.s., VW KALUGA and during my study of this field, I have come to the conclusion that high performance of a company, its long-lasting prospects within the framework of competitive fight is only possible with high technologies, excellent, motivated staff of the company, in which everybody is aware of their responsibility and everybody, being under the motto “One for all and all for one”, pulls together to reach a profit for the company as well as their own profit.
We offer another strong product to these people to ensure high competitiveness, stability and security in the market. A product which is worth being thought about in the 21st century.
A product which, in association with high-tech products, will help ensure prosperity in the increasingly tougher competitive environment.

On behalf of the EVEROPTA team
Ing. Jindřich Novák
Executive Officer