1. Make decision-making and the processes four times quicker.

It means that it would take only six months what used to take two years, and it would only take a week what used to take a month etc. “The Procter and Gamble company used to test coffee for the market for three years”, says Kami. “Today it takes them three months. They should shorten it to zero”.

2. Think horizontally.

Any company, regardless of its size, should have five organization levels at most.

3. Support the “entrepreneurial” growth.

“Forget about the entrepreneurs who left your company”, says Kami.

4. Keep the “lean” staff.

“If your managers cannot be finished with work, do not support them with people who would do the work instead of them. Replace the managers”, says Kami.

5. Decentralize.

“Get rid of the big wheel syndrome”, says Kami. “Remember that every time the general director makes a turn, the poor man at the bottom of the organization makes 36 turns.”

6. Cancel the “messenger” of the middle management.

“Do not pay people for saying to other people that they should work”, says Kami. “Teach the first-line guy to do that.”

7. Do not be information illiterate.

“You need to be in contact with your business for 24 hours a day, including the time you spend at home, or in your car”, says Kami.

8. Focus on the customer.

“Even miners in tin mines should remember the customer because the tin might change into a soup can”, says Kami. Service must be something you feel, and not something you calculate.

9. Fight the bureaucracy because the bureaucracy is time-consuming.

“And do not make a mistake consisting in your suffering from “Paralysis resulting from the Analysis” Kami warns.

10. Act even if it comes out that you did not act correctly.

“Do it, and change it, in case of need. But act, that's the point”, says Kami

Here is Kami's concluding recommendation for the European employees at the Berlin conference, which cannot be omitted: “Risk your positions every day! Damn!“