We have created an aid for you for the effective and continuous productivity control. This product is a very strong tool for your employees in the field of industrial engineering or technology, and forms a completely new, modern system of working. It forms scope for a mutual cooperation, insight and understanding the work of individual employees. It helps create objective, transparent, constructive and friendly environment in a work team.

  • 1. Step

    Analyse the current state of the workplace including the size, distances and the employees' exact activities. The program will include all parameters. Enter the values determined in this way in the system and save the result in the state before the optimization.

  • 2. Step

    Make a simulation of the state, go through the results, determine the weak and ineffective points. Based on them, carry out the optimization.

  • 3. Step

    Create well arranged managerial outputs. You will thus achieve a great overview of the state before and after the optimization. You will be effective! You will be successful!

The Simulatix outputs provide or support

- Continuous process optimization
- maximum objectivity
- ISO 9000, ISO 14 000 and their derivates
- certification requirements according to the above standards
- good arrangement with the appropriate outputs for the company management
- visualization of the results you have achieved in workplace layouts
- workload of your employees
- possibilities of the cooperation of your employees on improving within the framework of team work
- process simulation
- assembling individual workplace modules into units
- possibility of choosing input quantities
- visualization of weak points
- organization of workplaces and its observance
- administration saving
- speeding up processes
- man - machine symbiosis
- initiative of your employees
- lean production
- observance of “5S”
- workload of machines and equipment
- elimination of production fragmentation
- stimulation of thinking in context
- KAIZEN perceived from a European point of view
- simplification of control
- exact specification of the requirements for your production for your suppliers